Rooftop View of Jerusalem

A visit to the Holy Land offers significant challenges to any trip planner. Its history and culture, its politics and religion, and its peoples, offer a complex landscape to navigate. What to include? How deeply to cover? How to show the present with a balanced perspective and topics entrenched with decades, centuries and millennia of passionate debate and war? How to accomplish this so that the visitor has fun while learning, growing and, as with our travel group, transforming?

Pictures to be added weekly, come back often.

Who is inviting you to come?

I am Betty Jane Bailey, a retired United Church of Christ minister with a passion for the Christian Holy Land. I have taken numerous trips to Israel and the West Bank beginning in 1969 and my husband and I lived in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for 3 ½ years. I attended three different seminaries for three degrees when I was younger. I went through training at Tantur Ecumenical Institute, on the road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, including field trips with an archeologist and well-known biblical scholars.

I kept copies of my frequent letters home while studying and residing in the Christian Holy Land and I have used them to make this website very personal. I include stories of my own experiences as well. I have written several books on international topics and I look at the world and travel in very practical terms. 

I give thanks for the three old travel guides (1974, 1982, and 1996) in my personal library for they remind me that names and claims keep changing even between my trips and now. They also provide some historical background.

I hope you come to love the land where Jesus spent his earthly life as much as I do.

 Things constantly change, even in ancient countries. You are invited to Email Betty Jane Bailey with corrections you find as you travel with her in the Christian Holy Land.